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ARCH 655: Project-2

HANGZHOU SPORTS PARK  NBBJ  &  CCDI Hangzhou Sports Park, (Hangzhou, China), Image Courtesy of [NBBJ] Project Two is a continuation of Project One. It recreates the Ellipse-Array and scaling ratio definitions in Project One through one node by using Python scripting inside Grasshopper. Moreover, Project Two develops a Geometry-Array node ,based on the Python node Ellipse-Array, which can utilize any geometries including ellipses. Additionally, Project Two uses Ladybug tools to run solar radiation analysis to understand the effect of large petals on the stadium bowl at different orientations. Also, it utilizes GA to optimize petal coverage for shading the stadium bowl.  PART 1: Array Definition using Python Script: A- Ellipse-Array An ellipse-array node was created through Python script. It can array the petals and alternate between small and large petals. It has the capability to change and control: the size of the ellipse the number of petals t
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ARCH 655: Project-1

HANGZHOU SPORTS PARK  NBBJ &  CCDI Hangzhou Sports Park, (Hangzhou, China), Image Courtesy of [NBBJ] Project One will recreate and remodel the Hangzhou Sports Park by using Grasshopper parametric tools and definitions. The project consists of three main elements, large petals, small petals and the stage. The project will parametrically construct these three elements including their structural elements. The final product will allow the user to change the size of the stadium with maintaining the proportions of all the petals and their elements. Additionally, it will allow the user to, parametrically, manipulate the shape and size of all petals.  The project will experiment with other Grasshopper tools, such as Kangaroo 0.99 and 2.00 in association with stress analysis components. The definition using Kangaroo components will convert static tensile petals to live tensile petals with anchor points that can respond to gravity forces and display the stress analysis